SEO Services Pricing

For those who are new to the SEO world, much of what is known today regarding SEO services pricing is new. The concept of SEO services pricing has been around for quite some time and was first introduced in Japan. It works on the same principle as our current way of pricing in most industries. The client is the one that pays for the service. The services come with a price tag that is agreed upon and is paid at the end of a project or a period of time depending on what the client was looking for.

seo services pricing

SEO CPE or search engine optimization pricing models are used in most every industry today, regardless of what it is. Some of the basic SEO models include hourly rates, per-contract pricing, PPM or pay-per-click pricing, CPE and fixed monthly retainer pricing. The hourly rates are what most small businesses are familiar with and have been using for years. This pricing model works well for most small businesses because they are usually hired once and will not have to keep re-procuring services, which saves them money.

PPC or pay-per-click pricing is used for campaigns that have a higher traffic volume, such as those who purchase a small amount of clicks compared to what they purchase in their first action. The small fee per click can add up fast, especially if a company is just starting out and does not have a large audience, but the cost is worth every penny because of how effective a tool keyword research can be for a brand. Keyword research tools to help companies find profitable keywords that their audience is using to search on the Internet. The higher the search volume, the more people there are who are likely to be interested in the company products and/or services.

CPE or cost per impression pricing is a pricing strategy that a consultant will use on a client’s marketing campaign. A consultant will buy a slot on someone else’s ad to create awareness of a new product or service. Each time this occurs, the consulting customer will be charged a certain amount of money. Depending on the level of visibility of the placement, the consulting fee could range anywhere from one cent per click to $10.

An audit or deep inspection of a client’s website reveals a plethora of problems within the website. These problems could include misspelled words or an outdated layout. By using SEO services to fix these problems, the site’s ranking in the search results can improve, bringing the company more traffic and business. During an audit of a company’s website, SEO consultants will perform an evaluation of these areas. They may recommend minor changes to improve the page rank, or they may recommend removing some elements of the website to achieve a better ranking.

An outerbox or outsourced campaign can be expensive because it has to pay an agency to manage it. When SEO companies charge for an outbox campaign, they are getting their advertising dollars directly from the client in the form of higher fees. When an SEO company uses their own campaigns, they cannot get as many eyeballs to their ads because they are not paying an agency for them. There are SEO packages that include an outerbox campaign at a flat rate. Outsourced campaigns work best when a client needs to get a large number of targeted ads out there in a short period of time, which is why they can end up costing a little more per hour.

The final part of SEO services pricing revolves around the keywords used in a campaign. Many times, an agency will use their own internal keyword research team to come up with effective keywords for a campaign. If a client does not have enough money to pay an outside firm for this work, they will instead opt for the flat rate pricing for a campaign. Consultants may suggest that an advertiser switch up the keywords each time they launch a campaign, which may end up costing less in the long run than using the more expensive and limited keywords that only an outside company can come up with.

SEO services pricing also includes things like link building, content marketing, and ad copywriting. These are all separate aspects of search engine optimization and do not always come in the same package. Link building is the process of purchasing links from other sites so that your website will show up in the search engines. Content marketing involves writing articles and other promotional material that is related to your business and its products and services. Ad copywriting is the process of writing and distributing promotional ads.