Low Quality Content and Duplicate Content

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Low Quality Content and Duplicate Content

When asked which SEO advice they’d give if they only could only recommend one thing, this is what 21 of the biggest SEO minds from the online world had to say. SEO advice: it is absolutely critical that you give yourself permission to believe bigger. On big picture is how to outrank competitors, capture position zero rankings, retain and convert visitor traffic, and so much more but rarely stop to examine what is unique and valuable about your product or service. Big picture thinking is how to do it.

Here is an interesting example. Let’s say you have a very popular blog and it receives consistently high numbers. However, when you try to optimize for Google and you put some of your more targeted keyword phrases on your webpage or resource box, you just don’t get the same high page rankings as you did before. Is it because Google thinks your page is not as targeted as others? Possibly, but most likely it is because you are using many off page factors to boost your search engine positioning, some of which Google can’t decipher and doesn’t recognize. In this case, the best SEO advice we can give is to make sure you are focusing on the on-page factors to maximize your search engine placement and rankings, like creating excellent backlinks.

Here is another example. Let’s say you have a very high page rank and people find your article via a major search engine. Yet, none of your article has been displayed on the first page of Google. If you’re not doing anything differently at this point, how can you ask your CEO to suddenly change your position zero rankings and start giving you the “favors” that you deserve?

Well, there are good news and bad news in this scenario. The bad news is that Google, like all the other major search engines, has developed black hat methods of manipulating search results to unfairly give themselves high rankings. In the past, these techniques would involve using deceptive means, such as using meta tags, keyword stuffing, and other illegitimate techniques. Today, many SEO experts are talking about ways to avoid being penalized for these black hat techniques, which have no place on Google’s content network today. Therefore, if you want to receive the high page rankings that you’re seeking, there are three things that you can do to ensure that you will be the only company that is featured on the first page of Google for the particular keyword phrase that you’re targeting:

First, you must employ effective link building strategies that utilize the best SEO Advice that is available online today. Some people are under the impression that all you need to do is create a bunch of bad advice links pointing to your website and you’ll be fine. This is not the case, however. In order to receive the highest page rankings that are available for a particular keyword phrase, you must employ an approach that is completely transparent, consists of high quality links that will boost your reputation across the web, involves the use of on-page optimization that will enhance your web site’s usability, and is built around keyword rich domains that will give your page high search engine rankings without any of the black hat tricks that black hat tactics are known for.

Second, you must make sure that you don’t get penalized for the same thing. One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when it comes to their SEO Advice and rankings is that they try to make multiple versions of the same website, which Google frowns upon heavily. If you create a number of websites that are very similar, Google will greatly penalize your company for having duplicate content on its site. If your company is aware of the possibility that it could receive a penalty, it is highly recommended that you limit the amount of websites that you create. The more unique content you can create, the better, because Google likes unique content and it wants to ensure that it only has the one page that meets all of its requirements on a particular keyword phrase that receives a high number of searches.

Third, in regard to the on-page elements of your site, you need to make sure that they are optimized properly. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve heard a million different things about on-page optimization and it doesn’t matter how many articles you’ve read on the subject, what you’re really looking for is a quality content marketing campaign that focuses on one singular key phrase or keyword combination and incorporates it into an optimized web page. If you have the ability to write good material and you have the luxury of a premium domain name that you can utilize, by all means you should do it. If not, simply follow the steps outlined in this article and you should be fine.

That concludes our brief look at why you should avoid low quality content and duplicate content in your efforts to improve your SEO rankings. In my next two articles we will both discuss and recommend some low quality SEO strategies that will help you move up in SERPs. For now, know that duplicate content will absolutely kill your rankings, regardless of your primary keywords or even if you choose to use them. The best strategy I have found for boosting rankings is to find niche markets that aren’t overcrowded, target low competition keywords that are highly searched for, create a great blog or site that offers unique information and add lots of high quality content. This approach will help you achieve the goal of getting plenty of relevant backlinks while providing high quality, original content for your readers.