How to Use Local SEO Backlinks to Drive More Traffic to Your Web Site

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How to Use Local SEO Backlinks to Drive More Traffic to Your Web Site

Local SEO is an incredibly significant part of Search Engine Optimization for local small businesses. Establishing a strong Local SEO strategy will enable your company to appear prominently on Page 1 of Google, both in the organic and the map listings. The more local SEO you have in place the more relevant your site will appear in Google’s natural search results. It is therefore imperative that all small businesses become aware of the local SEO benefits.

The most important advantage of having local SEO is that it increases the quality of your customers’ experience when they are searching for your product or service. Having high quality local business backlinks will help your website rank higher for a relevant query and increase the likelihood that a user will click on your link from a local business website rather than one that is more distant. In addition to providing high quality backlinks to your website, building local links is also an excellent way of demonstrating to customers that your small business is located in that locality and that you are able to provide a professional and friendly service.

The first step is to get relevant inbound links from other websites. You can achieve this by submitting to local directory directories, participating in message forums, blogs and social media sites, and attending conferences and trade shows where your industry could benefit from additional exposure. Once you have obtained a handful of backlinks, it’s time to aim them at your target audience. Participating in online forum discussions is a fantastic way of building relationships and exposing your products and services to a new audience. Sending out press releases and participating in local events such as festivals and block parties are also a good way to spread the word about your local business.

Another strategy is to use local business websites to obtain backlinks. This will require some search engine optimization on your part. Creating local Google index pages for each of your individual local business sites (for example, local restaurants, local hotels, and local stores) is an excellent way to draw Google’s attention to them. While many of the major search engines will not send spiders to individual webpages, there are ways around this. Backlinks can be obtained from other websites that are ranked highly by Google.

Another way of getting backlinks to your site involves joining some local networking groups in your local area. These groups will generally allow public participation or discussion boards. Participating actively within these communities is highly recommended to increase your exposure to potential customers. If you do decide to participate actively, try to post thoughtful and informative comments in relevant threads and leave your URL as your signature. This will ensure that you receive credit for your posts, and your website will be visible to any visitors that read one of the threads. It is worth noting that most community members are extremely busy with life in general and can rarely commit hours of reading and research for each incoming link, but it may be worth the small effort in order to obtain a high ranking on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other major search engines.

Local businesses that rely heavily on internet marketing and outsource to outside providers generally have very little control over their website being ranked highly by the major search engines. There are ways around this issue. For instance, small business owners can arrange with companies such as Yahoo! Local or Microsoft localized to find the highest ranking businesses in their area and request them to add your website’s listing to their results. You should consider employing local SEO experts that specialize in optimizing websites for the local search market to handle this for you.

If you already own a local business, it is possible to build your online presence through local networking by creating your own local business listing in Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, or the local yellow pages. It is important to make sure that your listing shows up for both the specific category you are advertising under (i.e. local business) and for the niche you are advertising (i.e. restaurant/bar). In addition, when you submit your listing, use relevant anchor text links within your listing (i.e. local business links) so that your web visitors will be directed to your website instead of another low quality site.

In addition to building backlinks within your own community, you can also build up links from other local sites that are relevant to your own niche. You can do this by participating in local events and submitting your blog or website to local directories. Participating in local events is an excellent way to build traffic and backlinks to your site. Submitting your blogs and other content to local directory sites is also a good strategy. Just don’t forget to submit your site to major search engines as well; doing this will get you even higher rankings.