How to Choose the Best New SEO Company

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How to Choose the Best New SEO Company

What are the new SEO and social media marketing craze? Well, for the first time ever, companies are hiring new, aggressive marketing firms to help them get ahead of the competition. Picture your hand on a fist made of money: with just a tap, you can shake hands with any firm you want. But, how do you know you have selected the best new SEO for your website?

Picture your hand on a scale over a candle with a dollar bill on top. If you drop just one dollar, the candle would go out on top of the scale and wither away. Now, if you were to pay the smallest monthly fee for the best company possible, you could still get results on a monthly basis. You just have to get results on a monthly basis, consistently. Use these 5 guidelines to help you really hire the very best company for your small business, even if it costs you a bit more per month.

When looking for an SEO expert to help your business, you must be certain you are getting the very best in terms of overall services and packages. You must also make sure you are getting value for your money. Paying a bit more for an SEO expert is okay, if you know it will result in long-term success for your business and over time your SEO dollars will be able to pay for themselves. However, if you think you may not be using the keyword research or link building services to boost your traffic and your rankings in the SERPs, you might want to rethink the amount of money you are paying monthly.

Are you getting the best price for the SEO package you need? If the SEO expert you have selected is charging a monthly fee that makes it impossible for you to pay him on a per hour or a per day basis, then you need to shop around for another SEO expert who can do the same thing for less money. If you are getting the SEO experts to perform a few of the services for you each month, like keyword research, article writing, and link building, then be certain that the package you are being charged for covers everything, especially if you are not getting a bulk order. Otherwise, you might end up paying extra for services you didn’t want. Just make sure you know exactly what you are paying for before making a final decision on who will perform your SEO services.

A good SEO expert should offer both PPC and SEO consulting services and should be willing to work with you on a daily basis to ensure you get results over time. If they charge by the hour or by the project, it is important to know what their hourly rate covers. It is also a good idea to find out if they charge per article or per click or any other such service. Some companies charge an hourly rate that covers all their affiliates for each SEO article, blog post or PPC ad, and some will bill by the click. So be aware of what the different pricing plans entail, and get to know how many hours your SEO expert will work on your site or business per day. This is important information that might tip you off to whether or not you are dealing with the best company.

Do your own research, too, when evaluating which company to hire for SEO services. Ask for a free evaluation or demo, or simply take the time to look at their portfolio. A professional SEO firm will have a large and impressive portfolio of work and should be happy to show it to you during an interview. Pay attention to the pricing models they offer – are there different pricing models, and what is the range of prices for the various services offered? You might also be interested in the quality of the content creation and link building services offered.

When looking for an SEO expert to perform these tasks, try to choose one with experience in both SEO consulting and content creation. The SEO firm should have a well developed strategy for both tasks, and examples of successful work. A good SEO expert will be able to provide you with a full analysis of the needs of your online business, as well as the methods that they use to achieve those results. The main goal of this SEO work is to increase your website’s search engine rankings in search engine listings. The second main goal is to drive traffic to your website, so the SEO expert should be able to create relevant content, and ensure that it is interesting and useful to your readers.

The final factor to consider is the price that they charge per hour. If you are just starting out, consider hiring a consultant for less money, until your site starts to see results from your keyword research efforts. However, if you have some experience in search engine optimization and feel comfortable with the services that you are considering, then you can probably opt for the more expensive SEO consultant, in order to save a few dollars. Either way, make sure that you know what you are paying for.